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Little Chef

Like most children his age, P loves to do stuff he has no business getting his hands into. DIY, stripping wallpaper, cooking... every activity we 'big people' are involved in always starts with the obligatory 'can I do it too?' The resultant NO generally never puts him off.

But the cooking thing has been cultivated happily in the nursery and school. He even went to a friend's cooking party recently. I have actually found it rather lovely to do something with him. One of our favourite things to do is pancakes. He loves holding the blender and pressing the button for all he's worth. Most of all, being so actively involved in the cooking process, he's quite eager to taste the results. Here are the pictures from our breakfast do this morning:

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  1. Mad said...
    we finally get to see pratik... my could be son in law! he is adorable.. which one of you does he look like?
    DesiGirl said...
    he has my eyes and bulbuous nose! to me, he looks and acts like my brother. to the inlaws, he is the spitting image of their son - they keep iterating the fact ad nauseum.
    so, go figure!

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