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Bye bye blogger!

I now have a home of my own - please change your bookmarks to direct you to my new location: Chez Moi..

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My baby boy!

I was just going through my laptop files for some important scanned documents when I came across some old pictures. Pictures of my little boy that brought tears to his silly mum's eyes. To see him as he was three years back, chubby and still in the throes of babyhood. So I thought I'd share some of those pix with you lot.

Here he is with his favourite comfort blanket, rather like M.Karunanidhi. He calls it 'Nemo fleece' (his first ever fave movie was 'Finding Nemo').

Size does matter!

Walking a mile in my shoes!

In the driving seat, every time!

I am sooo good!

Isn't he gorgeous? *sigh* Whatever have I done with the years? Wouldn't it be super if I could turn the clock back and see my chubby cheeked wonder again?

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My son, 'Spiel'berg

For someone so young, P can spin stories like a pro. We learned fairly early on to never trust every thing he said, especially when he's spouting stuff with a wicked glint in his eyes. Friends have found this out for themselves at great peril. To see him denying things, with an angelic look on his face is a sight, indeed!
Recently we were visiting friends and as it was a hot day, we sat at this nice pub by a canal and were quenching our collective thirst when a narrowboat came along. A man jumped out, went to the bridge across the canal, and opened the lock. The bridge swung out near where we were sitting and a few older boys jumped on it. P wasn't going to be left behind, oh no! He stood on the edge, much like a ship's captain and observed the proceedings. The minute the bridge became one, he lit out and made a mad dash towards us. He came to me, huffing and puffing and went 'did you see what I did, mummy?'
And I replied 'oh yes, baby, did you enjoy it?'
To which he went 'Oh no! It wasn't me that wanted to do it. Uncle did - he made me go up there. I was almost hit by the car!'
Needless to say, it was a good while before the couple could close their mouths.

He also has a ready-made reply for most situations.

'P, shall we go and pick up daddy from whereever?'
'Why not?'
'No need, mummy. Daddy is a big boy, he can find his way back by himself'.

Then there was the time he found a spider in the tub. I had noticed it a few minutes back and had left it there to see what his reactions would be. As he walked in to brush his teeth, he noticed the bug and let out a shout. Then there was silence.
I was puzzled. Not for long, though. He came out couple of minutes later with the explanation.
p: 'There was a spider in the tub, mummy'
Me: Really? What is it doing now?
P: Oh, it got died.
Me: How come?
P: The water came and splashed it and it got died.
Me: How did the water come and land on it?
P: Oh I turned the taps on.
Me: So you killed it then?
P: Oh no, it wasn't me! I just turned the taps on. It was the water that killed the spider.

As if one needs more proof of his way with words, here's an excerpt from our conversation as we walked back home from school today.

Me: So, baby, did you have a good time at school?
P: Yep.
Me: What's that star on your t-shirt for?
P: Oh that is for when I did some counting and didn't use my fingers. I had to add 10 and 6 but I did not use my fingers. I just used my brain. I used the fingers in my brain!

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'Cos change.. happens!

Every night, as he prepares to go to bed, P and I have a routine. After a story, I generally make him lie down on my lap and he'll moan 'can I go to my bed now?' Off we'd go and I'd lie down with him for a while, wish him good night and slink away. Last night, I got a rude shock. As I started the ole song and dance, P went 'can I go to my bed by myself now?'

I was shocked!
'Why?', spluttered I.

'Cos I am a big boy now', says he.

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When A Child Goes Missing

The UK media has been flooded with images and news reports of four-year old Madeline McCann, who disappeared from the Algarve, Portugal, more than three weeks ago. She was holidaying in Portugal along with her parents and twin younger siblings. On May 3, 2007, she disappeared from the family's holiday apartment at the Pria de Luz, even as her parents dined at a restaurant right opposite. They had checked in on her barely thirty minutes back.

She hasn't been seen ever since.

This is every parent's worst nightmare come to life; being a mum of a toddler myself, I cannot even begin to imagine what the poor McCanns must be going through every single second. Not a day goes by without them seeking some form of sustenance in the form of prayers and visits to sacred churches, to pray for the safe return of their daughter.

They have vowed to find their missing child at all costs. Public funds have been set up to aid in the search and celebrities like J K Rowling and Simon Cowell, amongst others, have contributed to this. The McCanns are hoping the toddler's distinct right eye, where the iris bleeds into the pupil, would prove to be a valuable tool in the search. They have even set up a website, Find Madeline, filled with details and photos.

Here's hoping the child is returned safe and sound to her parents' soon.

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Trip to Blackpool


The past weekend was a veritable treat for my little man - we decided to take a weekend break along with his favourite cousin. From what we could see, they both loved it.

At first P was a bit flummoxed by the name - he thought it meant a pool of some sort and urged me to pack his swimming trunks and not forget his swimming goggles so he 'can see under water'. No amount of explaining helped so we let him run with it.

When we ended up at the Pleasure Beach amusement park, the name caused another bit of consternation as he thought we were taking him to the beach! He wasn't very pleased to realise that the beach was still so near yet so far away. But a typical adrenaline junkie, he went on as many rides as his lack of height would allow.
On Sunday, we went atop the Blackpool Tower and he amazed us both by not displaying an iota of fear when faced with the 'Walk of Faith' challenge. It is this expanse of glass in embedded in the balcony 360 feet above ground and one can see straight down as it is clear glass! I thought I was brave to stand here; he sat down and tried to peer as much as possible into the distance!

We polished the day off with a donkey ride on the beach. Riding a donkey named Betty, P was thrilled to bits! He now wants me to print the pic I top of his astride Betty so he could show off to his mates!

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What a brave lad!


Look at my brave li'l boy - peering down at nothing! We went to Blackpool last weekend and this pic was taken atop the Blackpool Tower. This is the famous Walk of Faith where there is nothing but clear glass underneath your feet. You've got to remember at this point, one is at a height of 300+ metres! Totally unfazed, P sat quite comfortably on the glass and peered down below.
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Letting go is for laters!

My son is five years old and ever since he was 2.5, I have been getting subtle digs from the MIL's side that have gradually become stronger over the years - about her looking after her grandson without me hovering in the background, cluttering up the picture. Before you ask, yes I have left him in her care during the day, in order to acqueise to her hankering, whilst I have taken care of some odd jobs nearby. So what is the problem? Well, she wants to keep him overnight. This is where I draw the line.

A day and a night away from my son is not something I like to contemplate. Truth be told, it is the stuff my nightmares are made of. I lose my temper, I shout but I have to bind him good night and take him to bed; in the morning, I want to be there when he wakes up and comes searching for me. It still takes a while for him to shake off the sleep and the minutes he still lies on my shoulder, holding on to the last vestiges of sleep are too precious for me to let go of, even for a day.

It took me a while to form a bond with him - though I loved him to bits from the minute I set my eyes on him, it was a while before we both relaxed into our respective roles. In fact, as he becomes older, I find we get along better. And I am loathe to test this hard-won bond with my boy by letting him away for a whole day and a night. That is the second part of my nightmare - if I let him go once, he would go away and would not be my little baby who comes crying for his mummy every morning anymore.

I know I have to let go but not yet. He is just five - I want to baby him for some more years yet. Already, he shows signs of growing out of his babyhood by changing his routine - increasingly, he takes himself to bed and acts like a big boy. There will come a day when he can take care of himself but until that day, I want to enjoy every single moment. And yes, that means not letting him stay overnight away from me for a few more years.

My mum let me and brother go off to our father's native village with assorted aunts, uncles and grandparents from the time we were four - I cannot imagine sending Pratik off like that! Maybe one day, when he is 12 or 13, maybe, certainly not when he is 5 or 6!

I know S thinks I should relax a bit but he is my only baby and I am not ready to spend a night away from him yet.

Am I being a bit too clingy?

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