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My baby boy!

I was just going through my laptop files for some important scanned documents when I came across some old pictures. Pictures of my little boy that brought tears to his silly mum's eyes. To see him as he was three years back, chubby and still in the throes of babyhood. So I thought I'd share some of those pix with you lot.

Here he is with his favourite comfort blanket, rather like M.Karunanidhi. He calls it 'Nemo fleece' (his first ever fave movie was 'Finding Nemo').

Size does matter!

Walking a mile in my shoes!

In the driving seat, every time!

I am sooo good!

Isn't he gorgeous? *sigh* Whatever have I done with the years? Wouldn't it be super if I could turn the clock back and see my chubby cheeked wonder again?

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  1. Itchingtowrite said...
    Rohini said...
    Aww... adorable!
    the mad momma said...
    he is beautiful. he'll hate me for saying that. by the way.. you are tagged. by the way. i am mustering up the courage to do ur last tag. might do it soon if i feel brave!

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