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What a brave lad!


Look at my brave li'l boy - peering down at nothing! We went to Blackpool last weekend and this pic was taken atop the Blackpool Tower. This is the famous Walk of Faith where there is nothing but clear glass underneath your feet. You've got to remember at this point, one is at a height of 300+ metres! Totally unfazed, P sat quite comfortably on the glass and peered down below.
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  1. Gauri said...
    This reminded me of our trip to CN Tower in Toronto. Same thing there too. While we hesitated and hesitated - could not gather enuff guts for quite a while, Abhay, who then was 11 months old calmly crept onto the glass and parked himself there.

    Very true when they say that we are the ones who teach our children fear !!
    DesiGirl said...
    So true, Gauri - unknowingly, we transfer our fears to our children and what a dreadful thing that is! But on the other hand, a little bit of fear is a good thing too!

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