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Busy Bee Weekend

P had a real busy Saturday - he first had his swimming lessons in the morning, whichh he tried to duck out of by lying in bed with the duvet over his head. We just dragged him to the pool, nonetheless. Then he had to go to a friend's birthday party (it was a cooking party, for kids - the mum deserves a medal, I tell ya!), after which we went to lunch with some friends. We followed it up by a spot of bowling, which he loves and finished the day watching Spidey spin through the streets of NYC on the big screen. When I say big, I mean big - we were sat 4 rows from the front!

As we spent the remaining part of the long, Bank Holiday weekend DIY-ing, he had to be satisfied with being cooped up in the bedrooms. He did okay, didn't complain much. To make up for it, we went go karting on Monday. P is absolutely nuts about cars and when he learnt he was going go karting, he was so excited he kept telling us that many times! I had got S go
karting vouchers for our anniversary and half-way through it, we sat P in this mock Bat mobile type kart and S drove him round the track a few times. (I will put the pic here soon!)

So, all in all, it was one packed weekend!

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  1. itchingtowrite said...
    hi.. just curious. how do u manage a cooking party?
    DesiGirl said...
    I did not, Itchy! P's friend's mum did, aided by her family and friends. But it was one swell idea, one we hope to try out ourselves in the future.

    What they had done was make some cupcakes and regular sponge cakes and get the kids to decorate it. They also had pizzas bases ready so the children smeared the sauce and put their favourite toppings. THey made from scratch some rice krispies cake. Then the party bag was a selection of the stuff they had all made that morning! Cool, eh?

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