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My son, the philanthrophist!

Yesterday, P and I decided to go to the next town to visit his cousin so he can have a play date with some family. His dad was at work and P was quite puzzled by the fact that his pater was away working and not having off-days and play dates like him. When we saw more than usual number of cars parked in the nearby streets, he was prompted to remark 'lots of daddies are at home today, mummy.'

I said 'yeah, possibly.'

He carried on, 'but my daddy has to go to office. To earn money so we can have mumm-mumm (food)'.

Me (absently): Uh-uh.

P: Then we will have loads of mumm-mumm and we can give some to Paris.

Me (startled): What? Paris? Why?

P: Yeah. If we give them some proper mumm-mumm, they can stop eating froggie legs.

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  1. B o o said...
    Check out
    I have linked you there. Hope its ok!
    DesiGirl said...
    aww thanks, boo!
    Mad said...
    LOL!!! kids say the darndest things!
    DesiGirl said...
    they sure do!
    @ said...
    delurked - to say nice thinking to Pratik! now the French have to give up their delicacy - no excuses... :)
    DesiGirl said...
    @: LOL! cos my son says so! too right!
    Dee said...
    He is so cute!! At their age the world is a magical place and we get so easily drawn in
    Poppins said...
    Thats the cutest thing I've heard. At first when he said Paris, in my mind I'm thinking Paris Hilton :)
    arv43 said...
    look through A family blog by a PhD student at IU and his wife. Apart from all the serious stuff they blog about, they have a bunch of "episodes" with and about their kids too.

    DesiGirl said...
    lord knows how they come up with such things, tho'!

    *gasp* Not her!! Please!

    Thanks! Will look at it. When do u have time to look for such stuff, I wonder!

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