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Spilt milk

P is 5 today. Unbelievable! It seems as if it was just yesterday (how cliched does that sound!) that he was a wee baby and I was a mum going crackers. New place, new role, no friends, that was my state. Struggling with the day-to-day things such as breast feeding, mashing up the potatoes and carrots, and just holding it together from one day to the next. As I see my group of blogger friends, the mommy bloggers, the mom blog network and things like that, I can't help wishing I had the blogsphere five years back. It would have prevented me from dissolving into incomprehensible tears at every point. I somehow might have been a better mum to P, if I had had a creative outlet for all my pent up frustrations.

No use crying over spilt milk, anyways, is there?

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  1. The Mad Momma said...
    well you have us now so how about giving your second shot now?:p
    The Mad Momma said...
    and how could i forget? happy birthday to little or should i say not so little pratik!
    DesiGirl said...
    Thanks MM!
    I shall wish him on your behalf.
    Oh and one is enough for me, thank u!! :)
    Akkare said...
    For some reason I am convinced I will suffer from post-natal depression. I keep preparing Orwell for it.
    DesiGirl said...
    LOL! why girl? u have us blogging mummies to help u out. anyways, if u get real desp, gimme a shout - am but a few miles away in essex. (and u wud be real desp to call me!)

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