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The Mad Momma's Online Baby Shower

How much can you know someone by reading their words, their thoughts, their feelings? Quite a lot, I reckon. That being so, I have been a regular visitor of the Mad Momma's blog for the past month or so (has it only been that long?!) and already the MM, OA, the Brat and Baby Bean have become an intricate part of my blogging life. I need my daily fix of what's going on in her hectic world and with Baby Bean's immnient arrival, the MM's detailed posts are keeping me as involved in the events as if I were a close mate living next door.

So, the concept of an online baby shower doesn't seem that far fetched and silly. (Even if it does, who cares?) So, here I am MM, joining your baby shower, armed with some great tulips for you and some gifts for my future SIL.
Why don't you kick back and open your presents?

And why don't you have some lovely chocs, whilst cooing over these lovely clothes?

Wish you a speedy C-sec and a speedier recovery. We will all be waiting eagerly to see the baby's pics.

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  1. Orchid said...
    Hey pratik's mommy,
    First time here..ofcourse I came over from MM's..atleast i didn't thinkt his was silly 'coz I did one too.

    Will read some more of you now :)
    The Mad Momma said...
    Desi girl... i am touched... i can imagine the effort to find the pics etc... thanks all of you... maybe someday i will thank each one in person...
    Dilnavaz said...
    hey Desi Girl...came looking for your blog because your yahoo settings are such that they don't accept messages from other people! i actually don't have MM's address myself, so sorry, can't help there! But will be tracking events as closely as I can and will keep you guys posted.
    Take care and watch my page! Oh, and congratulations on Pratik turning 5! :0)

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