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From the mouth of babes...

Today morning, Pratik woke us up as he was getting quite panicked at the wastage of daytime. When I asked him what the time was (he is rather prone to wake me up well before the crack of dawn on Saturdays), he checked his dad's mobile phone to be sure. As that contraption didn't have any numbers on it, he could be heard muttering "the big hand isn't pointing to any number, the small hand isn't pointing to any number, then what o'clock is it?" Then he turned to me and went "Mummy, it is none o'clock!"

Needless to say, I got up!


The other day, my choice of dinner menu came up for discussion. P wanted to eat fish and wondered why I did not cook him fish for dinner. Self, being a staunch vegetarian, decided to utilise this chance in educating him about the feelings of animals and what have you and wean him off meat. So I replied: "I do not like to kill animals and eat, Pratik." Pat came the reply: "You needn't kill it mummy, somebody else will kill it for us!"


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  1. ashesh said...
    Very intelligent and smart answers by your son... :)

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